About ‘I’d swim that’

Swimming research in St Tropez. I'm never off duty

Swimming research in St Tropez. I’m never off duty

Swimming whichever way you like

Sydney is home to the world’s most enviable swimming pools, both ocean, olympic and hotel side. This has inspired me to find the perfect piscine, wherever you are in the world.
Disclaimer: I’m no Dawn Fraser or wannabe channel crosser. I’m just your basic level water baby. I love to float, paddle and most of all ‘swim talk’, the Sydney equivalent of a pint in the pub with friends.

Along the way I like to people watch, sample any poolside drinks on offer, and throw in a some irreverrent historical facts.

Need to get in touch. Find me on idswimthat@gmail.com or twitter



6 thoughts on “About ‘I’d swim that’

  1. Priestwood I love it. And want to come stay even more so now. Keep writing (alongside swimming) baby, you do it so well xxx

    • Oh thanks CB. It’s all part of my masterplan to get yoy to visit! Sign up for my updates (on the front page). Hoping to soon go global so I can get back to you London

  2. Great blog water baby, impressive poolside shots and love following you and your commentary as you trawl for cool pools. Keep it up. This is gonna be global, I can feel it in my…water…

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