All I want for Christmas is a beach shade tent

neso under

Under the Neso

Neso shade tent,

I’m getting older, crankier and more intolerant of sunbathing. Don’t get me wrong, I love the beach, just like I love a Taylor Swift tune. Short intense burst, then I’m out.

Sunburn, skin cancer and wrinkles, those are my main motivators for not hanging about. But it’s a crying shame, because I often want to hang a little longer, but in the immortal words of Nicki Minaj “no no no shade”.

Downunder we just don’t do sunloungers and umbrella hire like the beaches of Europe and Asia ( #cabanaboydownunder, a business idea just waiting to happen). There are other shade options, but mostly they are like heated igloos for small children.

A few weeks back a friend got in touch who was doing some work for a small Californian company, who have kickstarted a new prototype for shade-seekers like myself, the Neso shade tent. Was I open to giving it a review?

Dramatic pause…. Of course. Especially when I have so much genuine chat on this topic.

Since then Sydney has decided to rain almost every weekend so my Neso tent has sat at home like a sad puppy waiting for a walk.

Finally at 5pm on a Sunday a glimmer of sun, so I raced down to our local beach and gave it a whirl.

Now, honesty check. I have never been a fan of camping, or following instructions, but the Neso pegs itself as completely simple. My lack of hand eye coordination in this area, will surely put it to the test.

Transporting the tent is easy. It comes in a small black carry bag, weights less than 2 kgs and is as easy as carrying a beach towel. Inside the bag is a large parachute like square of lycra, that is water resistant and UV 50+. Importantly it is a very fun colour blue.

Now for the other bits.

It has just two poles, and four cords at the end of each corner. At the end of each chord is a pouch you fill with sand, in place of tent pegs, to stabilize the tent.

Sounds so simple. So simple that I didn’t bother watching the instructional video. I also didn’t check the weather. The wind was really getting up, so too were the crowds, which really made for some great Sunday night viewing at Bronte beach as I instructed the Travelling Barista on the best way to assemble. Cue arguments and excellent comedy value for everyone else around us.

neso collage

take one parachute, two poles, some sand and one cabana boy, and #heypresto

Some key learnings to share;

#1. You need space. This isn’t the best option if you are jostling for towel space on Bondi or Brighton Beach. But if you have a few metres each side, knock yourself out.

#2. The fabric has a great quality feel. It keeps out 98 per cent of UV rays and offers ample shade. Unfortunately I can’t vouch for this as the sun was on its way down by the time we got this bad boy up.

#3 You really need to bury the sand bags to get stability in the wind. If there is a bit of wind it’s probably not worth it.

#4 This is a fantastic step for shade kind. And given a few practice runs it might be as simple as it makes out.

neso collapse

Don’t try this at home kids


  • Great design, with its openness means you don’t overheat, as it catches a seabreeze.
  • It’s also a real crowd pleaser, we were approached by a few people on the beach keen to know where they can buy one. In Australia it can be found at Soul Boardstore in WA.
  • It’s super convenient, compact and lightweight also surprisingly easy to pack away.


Did I mention the wind. It’s not like a normal tent, it’s more like a sail, so as much as you stabilize, it will still take a bit of a buffering.

Overall: Would I add one to Xmas stocking? For its price and potential – absolutely.

nesso success

Neso success

Cost: Around $89 US

How to buy: check out to buy online or find your nearest stockist

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