Nun swimming in Cronulla

ocean pool cronulla

Sing it kids. “I’m on boat”

Shelly Beach Rockpool, South Cronulla

It had been a while since I’d ventured to the ‘Nulla’, (Cronulla) Sydney’s infamous southern settlement. I’d previously visited for Australia Day in 2014, so am going to veto any expected chat on race riots, Puberty Blues or Lara Bingle.

Today we skipped the main beach, which meant I also avoided any commentary on the people, (okay, predominantly white, spray tanned with an excessive amount of lower back tattoos, thanks for asking), we headed to South Cronulla to investigate a tip off around ‘The Nuns Pool.’

So the first decoy was ‘The Nun’s Pool’ is actually a shiny looking brunch cafe/restaurant, with well-healed clientele enjoying gin and tonics before 12 on a Saturday. After a mild exchange of words with the travelling barista he pointed out a pool was in fact across the road.

So we followed the trail of small children and medium sized dogs, through the Shelly Park Reserve where stood the Shelly Beach Pool. Incidentally regularly swum in by Nuns, although unlikely to now be drinking at the café.

Shelly Beach pool is framed by a striking art deco change facilities, with quite possibly the best toilets with a view in Australia (who puts toilets on the roof, but not complaining).

Digressing, Shelly pool has a lovely sandy bottom and is essentially a protected miniature beach, big enough for a rubber ducky or two, probably not a sail boat.

Most certainly kid-tastic, and on this bonny Saturday with 29 degrees and a long weekend ahead, every parent in town had hit the pool. In fact Cronulla felt like a giant aquatic playground with jet skis performing across the bay, speed boats trailing the horizon and helicopters circling the beach goers.

Nothing to patrol at the kids pool. Unless local girl Lara Bingle turned up with her baby daddy Sam Worthington and their tot Spaceship Zot. Which didn’t happen this Saturday. But Lara next time you are in town, I totally recommend this top spot (okay, I failed my veto).

Cronulla ocean pool

Best seat in the house

High points: Forget scaling the Sydney Harbour Bridge. Toilets with a view people. This place is also kiddytastic with a playground nearby, change facilities, showers, safe swimming conditions and the shade of a nearby Norfolk Pine.

Low points: Toddler fest on a Saturday isn’t everyone’s cup of chai. Being Cronulla you are unfortunately only ever 100 metres away from the noise of a jetski.

Cronulla ocean pool

Follow the little person

Attire: buckets, inflatables and back tattoos, even in the kiddy pool.

Best for: young shire kids and dogs who can enjoy the park above overall score: 8.0

Bigger than the line for showers at a Festival

Bigger than the line for showers at a Festival

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