Wet n Wild comes to the Eastern Suburbs this Australia Day?

Well almost. Childhood dreams are kind of coming true in Centennial Park on Jan 26, when they are taking an old fashioned backyard slip n slide to a whole new level.

Look out for Slidestreet, a 315 metre pop up inflatable slip-n-slide, that’s the length of two football fields.

Apparently it’s more than just a ‘ride’.

It’s a day out. Think food trucks, ice cream and Nova radio (sadly no Hottest 100). Likely to attract masses of cut off short wearing prepubescent teens, and can’t grow up Gen Xers like myself.

Here’s the fine print. You need to book tickets in advance and if you want to skip the queue there is ‘da boss’ option, express lane. Could be da business.

The deets

Age: all ages
Times: Sessions from 9.00 am-7.00 pm, Jan 26, 2015
Venue: Slide will operate down Parkes Drive, Centennial Park, Sydney

for more details visit here

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