Curl curl out of my pool

North Curl Curl ocean pool

And we’re back to where it all began…Salut sunshine, warmth, and weekend ocean pool swimming, it’s been too bloody long my friend.

I’m often asked when am I going to run out of content. How many more pools can I swim, judge and write about? Well for the record, dear readers, there are PLENTY more to get through this summer.

There are more than 100 rock pools in the NSW region, and at last count I’m only at about 30 per cent done. Sure, some of them involve a longer drive than possibly my weekend allows, but what’s bit of distance between friends.

So with my new spring enthusiasm I discovered what I am dubbing my new fav Northern beaches ocean pool. Yep, contentious stuff, considering there are more than one dozen to choose from when it comes to the land of Alf Stewart.

North Curl Curl ocean pool just makes you work a bit harder than the rest, and I kind of respect her for it. She’s not right there on the beach, available and accessible for anyone who wants to park their car within splashing distance. No, she wants to make you work for her. She’s not interested in your strollers, deckchairs or wheel chairs (sorry disabled peeps). She’s not easy to access or even symmetrical. Instead she’s hiding on the peninsula of North Curl Curl’s golden sand beauty.

So, I don’t want to blow things out of proportion here. She’s not that difficult, just a 5 minute walk over the headland then down some steps. What is striking about her is kind of like a supermodel with an unfortunate facial mole that becomes attractive, she has a large rock in the middle of her pool.

There is a slight sting in her tail when I read a sign warning of one of the ocean most venomous sea creatures, the blue ringed octopus may have been spotted in the area.

Having only recently swum with a crocodile (probably) in Kakadu and paddle boarded over sharks in Noosa I was taking this new passion for danger in my stride. Sure maybe I was careful where I put my foot but North Curl Curl on a spectacular spring day, you were totally worth the risk.

north curl curl girls dive

curl curl drop n roll

north curl curl distance

North Curl Curl in the distance

High points: This pool has a terrific colour palette. Vibrant blue water, and mossy green rocks frame the bath. It’s also was like an aquatic version of Richard Scarry’s busy world. Industrious crabs seem to own the place while boisterous coral spits sea water. The pools also has good nearby change facilities and even a kiosk.

Low points: Did I mention it was possibly home to one of the world’s most venomous marine animals. Maybe. Oh and I got a parking ticket. Tsk

Best for: crab catchers and exotic octopus spotters

Overall score: 8.5

north curl curl girls

islands in the stream

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