Blue Dreams on the Sapphire Coast


Blue Pool, Bermagui

There’s a lot of famous blue in the world. Blue Lagoon, Blue Steel, Blue Jasmine, Blue Mountains, Baby Blue Ivy Carter Knowles and finally the famous Blue Pool of Bermagui. Okay, it might be world famous in NSW, or make that just the far south coast of NSW, but let’s get this blue dream on the map.

First up, it’s a bit of a hike. Bermagui during long weekend traffic is about a seven hour crawl south from Sydney, and even longer from Melbourne. But swimmers, it’s worth the effort.

Forget the popular south coast of Jervis Bay with all its picture postcard squeaky white sand beaches and shabby chic home décor stores. For a start, there are still way too many city types about (yes, I realise I am one of them). Keep your foot on the pedal and you’ll eventually find a part of the coastline where every town has a leather shop, a cheese shop, a telephone box, and a general emporium that will sell everything from teaspoons, out of date pancake mix to genuine antique pitch forks ($85 if anyone is asking).

We set up camp near the small heritage town of Tilba Tilba (population 30). Most people come here to climb the Australian ‘mountain’ (international translation – hill) Mt Dromedary. At 2.5hrs up and just over an hour back down it’s certainly more hard work than a Sunday stroll, but for yours truly, the view from the top was just to spot Bermagui in the distance.

Around 15 mins drive away Bermagui is a cute little seaside town on the Sapphire Coast where the fish and chip shops are packed at 2pm on a Saturday and oysters are cheaper by the triple dozen.

The town is also famous for being situated on the closest point to the end of the continental shelf in Australia, making it a tuna fishing mecca. Anyway, this meant nothing to me as I didn’t bring my fishing rod.

Heading straight out of town, we followed the winding coastal road until we spotted the sign for the big blue herself.

The Blue Pool really knows how to greet you. Climbing down the 200 steps from the car park the pool works like a sun dial, perfectly reflecting the sky above and shadow of the cliffs. The fish life have flourished in this beautiful rock pool with water as cucumber green or azure blue as the sky dictates.

The blue pool is so grand, she even has her own lookout above. She’s also well set up for picnic-hunters and there’s a shallow kids pool next door. Bermagui, you blue me away.


High points: Photo’s don’t really do her justice, she’s everything you want in a ocean pool and more. There are also change facilities and decent space for lounging or picnicking

Low points: It’s currently Winter in our part of the world, so the pool wasn’t quite as inviting as she could have been.

Attire: fishing rods, wet suits and the pose of blue steel

Best for: Genuine ocean pool fanatics who like a road trip

Overall score 9.0




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