Due South Sydney

I'd swim that

Karloo Pool, worth leaving the beach for

Karloo pools, Royal National Park, NSW

Every now and again the ridiculous beauty of Sydney’s beaches becomes a bit mundane. Sure, I could choose a different beach within city limits for almost everyday in a calendar month, but just like Kate Middleton’s perfect hair, it’s just what I expect to see for every appearance.

So I know what you’re probably thinking while reading this at a bus stop taking shelter from the diagonal rain, or maybe you’re taking cover from your screaming child. “Cry me a river.”

Well, that’s where I’m heading. Sometimes you want to see gum trees, clay dirt and brown water holes.

Not even an hour out of Sydney lies the country’s oldest park, the Royal National Park. The Park is perfect day-trip material. It’s close enough to the city, but feels far enough away that a serial killer could still dump a body and it wouldn’t be found for a very long time.

Lately we’ve been experiencing cracking weekend weather. Although it’s supposed to be the start of winter in Sydney Mother Nature didn’t get the memo. In fact the 25 degree weekends have so muddled local flora that spring like blooms have been spotted before winter has even started. Now that’s confusing.

To make the most of the summer renaissance the Travelling Lawyer and I headed south for a Sunday, braving bad traffic and an abundance of Holden Commodores for a 2 hour hike to find Karloo Pools, situated inside the park. Or as they say in my native tongue ‘ we went tramping’ (click here for translation).

The ‘tramp’ is roughly one hour each way, but as these signs are usually calculated for elderly Sunday strollers it’s easily achieved in 45 mins each way. The walk is fairly easy, but gets a little more challenging closer to the pools. The pay off is a clear green pool that’s framed by smooth rocks ideal for a picnic, or catching eels (I know what I prefer).


Australian Beautiful

High Points: Watching the Travelling Lawyer take the fastest-swim-known-to-man in freezing green water. Special shout-out also goes to the coconut, kiwi and white chocolate muffin purchased from Revolver, pre-tramp.

Lowpoints: The Frenchwoman who insisted on having a cigarette on the edge of the pool. Note to the French: Serenity doesn’t smoke.

Attire: Rambling sticks, eel nets and picnic rugs

Best for: serial killers, wallabies and picnickers

Overall rating: 7.2


the phantom 3 second swim


Bushes of Banksia. I think

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