The swim wish list

Rainy days are good for daydreaming. Like which Queensland tropical resort island would you choose for the next boat load of asylum seekers, is Putin going to cause the next world war, and what would really improve my next swim?

So technically it’s autumn at the bottom of the world, but don’t let the sea temperatures tell you that. We’ve got at least two more months of beach accessorizing weather to go. Here’s what’s floating my world lately.

Mermaid fins

I could totally see myself having a Daryl Hannah moment here, but the limitations might be getting in and out of the sea without looking like a disabled bunny rabbit. One of the biggest sellers this past Christmas for the Bondi child that has everything, except gills.

Waterproof iPhone cover

Less of a nice-to-have and more of a beach insurance policy for your phone, especially if you have butter fingers like myself.  They’ve also come a long way, with latest designs much more slim line and user friendly. For around $100 it’s a sound investment.


Swimming lane bedding

This is the kind of linen that could really help Ian Thorpe sleep better at night (too soon?).  Dream like a swimmer, and stick to your lane.


Giant swan pool creature

Always a sucker for a inflatable pool accessory, this just screams ugly duckling meets Cote d’Azure


Swan princess for a day

Twister towel

Twisting by the pool, what’s not to love, an 80s board game and beach towel in one. The twister towel, decent photo not included.


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