Togs or undies?

The art of the Eastern Suburbs weekend wardrobe

It’s a wet summer’s weekend here in Sydney. Real cats and dogs kind of Sunday where people in the Eastern Suburbs just don’t know what to do with themselves.

This is for obvious reasons, such as it prevents them from tanning on the beach, but more importantly, it also throws their weekend wardrobe attire, which consists of a LOT of Lycra.

I’m all for a bit of weekend workout wardrobe but it’s an Eastern Suburbs phenomenon where one stays in their gym gear from dawn till dusk. Before you know it you start the day with a short run, then end it in a local wine bar still dressed in your fluorescent yellow New Balance trainers.

Then there are those who take it one step further. The 24/7 swimsuit syndrome. Swimwear is of course appropriate at the beach. But what proximity from the water does it just become plain underwear?


Major togs undies offender spotted near Bronte Beach. Running shoes nicely offset outfit

I live about a 20 minute walk from the beach. I can sense the ocean is nearby, every now and then I might hear the odd lost seagull, but if there’s a tsunami to hit Bondi Beach I’m definitely going to survive. All of the above factors make me believe it is inappropriate to wander up my street in just your bikini or even worse budgie smugglers.

A New Zealand commercial made a fair point a few years backs. On the beach it’s togs (cossies/swimmers), cross the street – it’s just plain underwear people.


Example of swimsuit appropriate, hello beautiful people of Ibiza.


One thought on “Togs or undies?

  1. The late teen boys have this one all figured out – their swimmers and street wear are indistinguishable. They both come down to their knees and are both worn with cotton underwear that’s often visible above the waist band.
    Anyway, I’ve got more of a problem with the “…. even worse budgy smugglers” line. It irks me that a mostly uncovered female is considered more attractive than a similarly clad male. It wasn’t always like that.

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