The Coogee wake up call

Giles Baths, Coogee Beach

This pool is a bit like the love interest that’s been right in front of you all of this time, but it just takes one sunny Friday afternoon for you to finally notice.

A craggy yet almost canal shaped rock pool that connects with the northern end of Coogee beach it’s a perennial favorite for families and small people, pregnant ladies and vacationing American teenagers.

Less of a structured pool like nearby Wyllie’s, or even the Ladies Pool, it offers the best of both world’s, the safety of a ocean pool while being only spitting distance to Coogee beach.

A pretty white archway marks the entrance, which on closer inspection serves as a memorial for the 20 Eastern Suburbs locals that lost their lives in the 2002 Bali bomb attacks, including six young Coogee rugby league players. Sobering stuff, especially when you’re having first world problems, like did I put enough money in the parking meter. (Unfortunately, no I didn’t. Sigh…Randwick Council, the $102 cheque is in the post).

High points: The Friday afternoon vibe, the gorgeous vista of Coogee beach

Low points: Low tide wasn’t great for depth but was ample volume to soothe my summer mosquito bites. Parking ticket also didn’t help

Attire: Australian flagged bikinis (tis still the season), holiday tans

Cost: This is the ocean people, no charge, unless you count the parking ticket

Best for: Those bunking off work early on a Friday

Overall rating: 6.0

ocean pools Sydney

Girls perfecting the ‘swim talk’


Australia themed beach rocks

Australia themed beach rocks


A Giles sundowner

A Giles sundowner


Giles Gateway

the Giles gateway

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