Greenwich bath time benders

sydney harbour pools

Greenwich kids rules

Greenwich Baths,

Things are fairly sedate in the OTB (over the bridge) suburb of Greenwich, North Sydney.

It’s a quiet neck of the woods, made up of lovely rambling sandstone homesteads and a few ambling Sunday walkers.  But follow the road to the edge of the harbour and you will hear the silence interrupted by small person hysteria.

Was there a kids party I had crashed, was Peppa Pig doing some sort of flash mob appearance? Turns out, no. It was just a standard Sunday down at Greenwich Baths where little people have full swimming pool domination. To be fair there was a Finding Nemo bouncy castle positioned on the beach and a toy box that seemed to be laced with cat nip. I guess this is the adult equivalent of a happy hour special with free cheese.

The little pool is actually a harbour beach that is surrounded by the safe bosom of a shark net. For Australians shark nets are a nice to have, a bit like leaving the burglar alarm on when you leave the house. You know you can live without it, but isn’t it nice to know it’s there.

High Points: Sandy bottom and nice city views

Low points: Depends how you feel about lots of small children. There was also a lack of seating

Attire: Shark shaped beach towels, fluro pink bathing caps and fairy wings

Cost: $3.90

Best for: Anyone not old enough to flush a toilet for themselves. And bouncy castle fanatics

Overall rating: 5 out of  10

sydney harbour pools

Small sharks are occasionally spotted in the area

sydney harbour pools

Clouds are gathering kids

sydney harbour pools

Remnants of toy box bender

sydney harbour pools

How the serenity? Looks are deceiving

2 thoughts on “Greenwich bath time benders

  1. So-so as a swimming venue, but the ferry trip to get there was a novelty. Wife liked the food at the cafe and I appreciated the complimentary newspaper, even if it was the Murdoch one. This was back at the turn of the century, so I suppose it’s now been superseded by Wi-Fi.

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