The Bloody Mary swim

Sydney ocean pools

Never smoke near a swimming pool. Never

Swimming has endless health benefits. There’s a reason swimmers always outlive runners (fact). But exercise aside swimming has one amazing medicinal purpose. It’s the ultimate hangover cure.

After a recent night on the tiles I was in major need of what I call ‘a bloody Mary swim’. But choosing the right location is like trying to find that right fit of jeans. It just needs to feel comfortable.

My top three of what I look for:

1. Decent ocean spray

Enough to bring you back to life but not kill you – for this reason I always choose my old favourite ocean pool – Bronte. Mahon’s is also a great option dependent on the tidal situation.

Sydney ocean pools

Not a toddler in sight at Bronte

Sydney ocean pools

Ensure a good level of spray, but not life endangering

2. Depth

Enough to fully submerge and get away from paddling toddlers – Wylie’s always provides me with space or the Ladies Pool in Coogee if you want to go child free

Sydney ocean pools

Dive safely kids

3. Is there enough room to sunbath and die slowly?

After a bloody Mary swim it’s always essential you give yourself a good 30 minutes to dry off, nap and revive. Sundecks are always a good option if you just can’t cope with sand. Try Dawn Fraser or Wylies if you are looking for stretch out and feel sorry for yourself. Until next weekend swimmers….

Sydney ocean pools

Dying slowly on the deck

Sydney ocean pools

Ladies reviving

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