Boy oh (Boy)

sydney swimming pool, boy charlton

Boy’s master stroke

Andrew (Boy) Charlton Pool, The Domain

If Tom Ford ever chose to design a swimming pool, I imagine this is pretty much what it would look like. Sleek hard lines, immaculate surfaces, and not a trace of ugliness. The salt-water swimming pool is built on the edge of the Royal Botanic Gardens on Sydney harbour, nestled into the cliff, facing the nearby finger Woolloomooloo wharf and naval base. It’s not just the design that screams swimming sleek, it’s also the clientele. This pool is a definite favourite with Sydney’s glamour gays, singles and just generally beautiful people (BPs). Even the shade of the swimming pool is an immaculate deep blue that offsets their roman tans and biceps perfectly.

Loungers were in short supply as the BPs line the pool deck, sunbathe, strut and shave each others backs (well, one couple were at least).

In terms of everything you want in a Olympic size outdoor pool this Boy really delivers. For some reason I can’t quite put my finger on I just wasn’t loving it like the others.  It could have had something to do with the crowd being a little twitchy to my paparazzi presence (disclaimer: if you’re not going to behave like some crazed k-pop tourist they may be more accepting).

If you want to take it up a notch the Poolside cafe has great reviews and you can even order a glass of Riesling and stare at the glamazons below. I feel like Poolside deserves a return visit, but maybe I’ll play it cool next time.

High points: The change facilities are the best I’ve seen in Sydney, although the signage for differentiating between the men’s and women’s was difficult to decipher. Or maybe that was the point.

Low points: Not feeling the love from some of boy’s boys

Cost: $6 for adults

Attire: Daniel Craig tight trunks, waxed bodies, kale smoothies in one hand, iPhone in the other

Best for: The style conscious especially Sydney’s beautiful gays (BGs)

Overall rating: 8.0

sydney swimming pool, boy charlton

Going Sycnhro style at Boy

sydney swimming pool, boy charlton

Boy strut

sydney swimming pool, boy charlton

local boys back shaving

sydney swimming pool, boy charlton

Wine time poolside

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