The ivy league

sydney pools, the ivy

Photo posed by models, real swimmers not included

The Ivy Poolside, 330 George Street, Sydney

A few weeks back I posted on Bondi Icebergs which I labelled ” The Ivy” of ocean pool swimming. In the name of research it seems only fair that I give this esteemed nightclub/restaurant/lunchtime barbeque venue with rooftop swimming pool (yes, there is a link), a right of reply. For my foreign fanbase (growing by the day) The Ivy is a bit of an institution in Sydney.

To paraphrase it has palm trees, models who allegedly moonlight as swimmers and in its past it’s even had its own serial sex offender.

But does the controversy get in the way of a half decent venue with a lovely swimming pool.

Pushing aside all past connotations of Li-Lo getting poolside (note this is her venue of choice when in town), does the Ivy actually offer a bit of lunchtime South of France in the middle of the CBD.

Short answer, yes. It also makes for A grade people watching, although not the kind you might be expecting. It’s less Paris H and more Big W based on our Friday lunch experience, but I’m not complaining.

So I dragged the gang along, which included some major Ivy skeptics, not naming names, everyday drinking. Did they have fun. Grudgingly I think they did. Did we swim? A lady never tells.

Highpoints: Watching the office crowd ogle the poolside hired help. Our extremely efficient waitress who even supplied us with free sun screen. Without a doubt the over 50 female DJ. Genius.

Low Points: This place also takes itself more seriously than a serial selfie offender. The men are also always watching.

Cost: A pizza and a vino will set you back around $30. Or you could just sip on a diet coke and take a free dip.

Attire: Where to start. Think dresses that are actually tops, Princess Leia bikinis and polyester suits if you’re a male office worker.

Best for: Out of towners who enjoy a bit of St Tropez meets St Sans Souci.

Overall rating: 7.0


Da boys are always watching

sydney pools, the ivy

The girls don’t look like your average office workers

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