Can someone call a lifeguard?

ocean pool sydney mahons pool

Moody Mahon gives me a rough ride

Mahon Pool – Maroubra.

One of the best things about Sydney’s ocean pools is there is one to suit every mood. Feeling a little pissed off, moody or maybe melancholy. Mahon Pool at high tide is the place for you. Think human washing machine with added protected sea life (weedy sea horse anyone?) this is possibly the only pool I’ve ever swum in where I’ve been caught in a rip.

For that reason this pool is not always for the faint-hearted. The day I visited the surf was smashing the pool to the point where it was impossible to distinguish where the pool stopped and the great wide ocean began. However, if exhilaration is your bag then Mahon’s is your ticket.

If you’d rather not swim but just sun yourself on the rocks nearby then there’s plenty of smooth surfaces to spread yourself around. I decided to take the plunge, which was fine until I tried to exit the pool and found my body smashed up against the nearby rocks. Still I survived and had seaweed down my top to prove it. You don’t get that at the North Sydney Olympic Pool.

Highpoints: This place is pretty drop dead gorgeous if you’re a fan of big bold waves. It absolutely blows away the cobwebs without being swept out to sea.

Lowpoints: Change facilities are limited as the toilets are in need of an upgrade. You are also at the mercy of the mood of the ocean. Tranquil one morning, moody bastard the next.

Attire:  Wetsuits, zinc for the face and floatation devices for the kids

Cost: It’s all free people

Best for: Old sea dogs and strong swimmers

Overall: 8.7

ocean pool sydney mahons pool

Rules are made for breaking

ocean pool sydney mahons pool

Get out while you can

ocean pool sydney mahons pool

Hold on tight boys, the human washing machine

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