The Great Malabar Comeback

ocean pool sydney malabar

Malabar drop and roll

Malabar Rockpool

Confession, I’ve lived in the Eastern suburbs of Sydney for more than four years. I have never ventured further east than Maroubra. Well, Malabar, what a revelation you were.  Certainly worth the extra five minutes drive down Anzac Parade if you are keen to escape Kaftans and boot-camped blondes. Despite the initial difficulty in locating the ocean pool, just follow the sign that announces ‘snakes are in the area’ (Australia, always keeping you on your toes), next to the golf course and you’ll find the Malabar rock pool.

This is the real deal, average looking people doing average Saturday afternoon activities. Reading the paper, snorkeling, yelling loudly at their kids in Greek.

The almost circular shaped pool is surrounded by a concrete wall regularly washed by breaking surf. My guess is that Malabar is definitely on the up. Once maligned due to water pollution issues, a recent $3 million project to clean up the Malabar Waste water treatment has seen the water quality drastically improve and is now as healthy as the rest of them. Good for you, Malabar.

High points: The lack of crowds, fresh air and the good looking English boy wearing unfortunate shoes and socks who gave me good local advice

Low points: There’s a lack of facilities near the rockpool however if you’re willing to walk a further 10 minutes down the road there are change facilities and a café

Attire: No need for fashion fuss at Malabar. Let it all hang out, plus if you’ve got a daily telegraph under your arm even better.

Best for: Peace, quiet and no pretensions

Cost: This is the ocean’s doorstep, no cost.

Overall score: 7.5

ocean pool sydney malabar

A Malabar moment

ocean pool sydney snakes

Australia and its constant threats. It’s not all sunshine and swimming


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