Rockin it at Red Leaf


Red Leaf before the crowds

Red Leaf Pool (officially the Murray Rose Pool)

Red Leaf Pool is a lovely little oasis of shark proof safe in the bosom of Sydney Harbour. Less of a conventional swimming pool, and more like an enclosed harbour beach it’s a secret hangout that cashed up locals have been enjoying for decades.

Nestled in the crook between Double Bay and Point Piper the pool is framed by a wooden boardwalk, separating the superyachts from the swimmers.

A bit of a difficult spot to find unless you are in the know, Red Leaf is perched below the Woollahra Council Building and overlooks some serious Sydney real estate.

It also offers a kiosk with a view, decent change facilities and a sandy beach for the kids to play. The grassy hillside also offers ample sunbathing space with leafy trees to lie under, always a plus from my pale perspective.

 Attire: Visors, Country Road towels and linen pants are welcomed by this Woollahra crowd. I did also spot a sunbather sporting plastic surgery tape.

Cost: Best things in life are free

Highpoints: It really is a winning spot, with plenty of room for picnics or the kids to play. The day I visited it was especially popular with the super senior, including one 75-year-old who was rocking a red hot string bikini. She was clearly living the Red Leaf dream.

Lowpoints: The kiosk could really up its game with the food. Amazing spot but the meals are pretty substandard.

Best for: Woollahra mums, small kids and seniors who still heart bikinis.

Overall score: 8.6


Red Leaf local still rocks a red bikini after all these years


Red sarongs at Red Leaf


Red stripes, you get the idea..

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