Bondi and the Beautiful

bondi icebergs

Icebergs regular works his look

Bondi Icebergs

Icebergs could easily be considered ‘The Ivy’ of Sydney ocean pools.

While only a few kilometres away from laidback Wylies or the bohemian vibe of the Coogee Ladies Pool, Icebergs is like a really attractive girl who knows exactly what to do with her beauty.

Beautiful Bondi types sunbath around the whitewash concrete while a swimming squad churn up the turquoise pool. Tourists stare from the walkway above, snapping away at the bronzed bodies proudly sunning themselves for all to see.

However, to write off Icebergs as merely a hangout for the local glitterati would be a disservice to the history of Icebergs. The swimming club has been going since 1929 and is now a national heritage listed site. Polar bears, the original heart of the club can still be spotted in action and each winter the pool is littered with actual icebergs for its winter swim challenge.

This Spring day was a little more sedate as diners sipped cocktails from the hatted restaurant above, families tucked into fishermans baskets in the club room on the first floor and sunbathers reapplied SPF30. Nothing says “Welcome to Sydney” like Bondi Icebergs.

Attire: Paisley bikinis, beach hair, raybans and botox

 Highpoints: Feeling thirsty after a swim you can nip to the club room above, sip a Sav Blanc and look out at the most killer view of one of the world’s best beaches. No complaints. There’s also a great yoga class poolside which means you can downward dog while listening to the waves crash below. Hopefully this will drown out the Italian tourists taking pictures of you above.

Lowpoints: While this place is all about the scene and being seen, so if you are having an affair, or are on the run from the law, this is not the place for you.

Cost: $5.50 for an adult, includes a swim and sauna. ‘Spectators’ cost $3 (their words not mine).

Best for: Bondi hipsters, those who like being watched

Overall score: 8.0

Bondi icebergs, Sydney sunbathing

Sunbathing for Australia

Bondi icebergs

You don’t have to be taut and beautiful, but it helps

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