Cremorne’s pool with a view


Floppy hats are essential for lower North Shore sunbathing. Watch out for approaching ferries

McCallum Pool, Cremorne Point

A hidden gem, McCallum’s is one prime piece of swimming real estate.

Positioned on the edge of Cremorne Point, not far from the ferry stop, this small freshwater pool is spectacularly positioned.

Swimming here is more about the vantage point rather than the overall facilities and pool. The council run pool is around 20 metres long and fairly shallow at one end. Sunbathing facilities are single file, boardwalk style so be prepared to be stepped over, or  to maneuver frogger style around small children.  I must also confess my swim was brief due to spring like water temperatures (19 degrees) and an acute case of ‘frozen face.’ Still what other city in the world allows you to swim your little heart out just a stones throw from the centre of a busy harbour.

Local tip, watch out for passing ferries that can create surprise swells over the sunbathing boardwalk, and can saturate your iphone if left unattended (you only learn once).

Highpoints: Who doesn’t like a view of the Opera House while they paddle. Great for locals, or anyone wanting to cool off while strolling through Cremorne Reserve.

Lowpoints: The swimming pool is a little tired in appearance. There are also no change facilities.

Attire: This is the lower north shore folks, so wide brimmed hats and chinos welcome.

Cost: no charge my friends!

Best for: Small kids, and anyone walking the harbour

Overall rating: 7.2


The writer attempts to avoid ‘frozen face’ while swimming Cremorne Pool

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