All the single ladies


Sorry boys, strictly ladies only. Clothing optional

Coogee Ladies Pool

Loved by bohemians, young kids and muslim women this place is a melting pot of everything nearby Icebergs is not. The pool is cut into the ocean below and resembles a rock pool. It’s a perfect place for a sunset dip. Bikini tops optional, and yes it does live up to its name – strictly women only. Sorry boys.

The steep grass knoll above makes sunbathing sometimes a bit of a haphazard but try your luck spreading your towel on the rocks and enjoy the scenery of nearby Coogee with enough privacy to equal a Tom Cruise relationship.

Attire: Based on the mixed clientele, anything goes, from burkini’s to the topless Ibiza look

High Points: the closest you get to swimming in the actual ocean without a fear of sharks. Less of a swimming pool, more of a large rock pool.

Low Points: Again not ideal if you are a ‘real’ swimmer. The pool is  20 metres in length, but it can get busy.

Entry fee: The best 20 cents you are likely to spend today

Best for: Women if you’re having a fat day, or feeling a little bit ‘European’

Overall rating: 8.1

Ladies pool Sydney, ocean pool sydney

Ladies own this stage

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