Sydney swimming royalty

Hello Sydney harbour, don't mind if I do

Hello Sydney harbour, don’t mind if I do

North Sydney Olympic Pool

Ah, North Sydney Olympic Swimming Pool, the Miranda Kerr of seafront swimming pools. Perched below Sydney harbour bridge with the rumble of trains above and the screams from teenagers at nearby Luna Park, nothing says Sydney like this perfect piscine.

So we know it’s got style but does it have substance? The short answer, yes. The pool is well resourced and proudly embraces its art deco history. The salt water outdoor pool was a comfortable 25 degrees on the spring day that I attempted 25 laps. An excellent lane system that separates a freestyle slow lane from a nonfreestyle lane allows a sometimes floater like myself the comfort to paddle away in my own time without holding others up.

Attire: Speedo 2 pieces, snorkels while freestyling were in big demand here. String bikini for the sunloungers after a swim, optional.

Highpoints: The sundeck loungers, fitted with faux grass directly below the big bridge. Not sure if anyone on the sunloungers had actually taken a dip, but they add to the big Sydney feel,

Lowpoints: an extra 50 cents for a shower. Really.

Best For: Tourists or anyone you are trying to convince to move to Sydney

Overall rating:
8.5 out of 10

How's that for a panorama Sydney?

How’s that for a panorama Sydney?

Art Deco transport

Art Deco transport

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