Bronte Beautiful – shark free swimming


How to sunbathe like a whale, Bronte style

Bronte Ocean Pool

This little pool has a certain character about it that for some reason makes it my top ocean pool in the east. Yes, it is often green with seaweed, overpopulated and there is likely to be a high toddler urine count, but there’s something about the overhanging cliffs and being eyeline with breaking waves that makes it a little bit magical.

Attire: Your best matching kaftan and matching bikini are welcomed at this pool.

High points: The seawall around the edge of the pool that allows you to stand on the ledge, grip the railing and feel the ocean spray of breaking waves from below. Amazing for hangovers. Occasional whales can also be spotted.

Low points: It can get extremely busy so ‘real’ swimmers beware. For those who enjoy the ‘swim talk’ this is a great place for an aquatic catch up or paddle.

Best for: Hangovers and people watching

Entry cost: Did I mention it’s also free. Winner.

Overall rating: 9.0


Get your stroke on at Bronte Pool

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